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what we do

Italian Collective's mission is to make getting dressed everyday an effortless experience. 

We are women. We know how much is expected of us, how busy we are, how much we do. We also know how important it is to show up and feel confident, whether it be important meetings, parent-teacher conferences, date nights, or happy hours.

So we made you a shirt for life. A shirt that always keeps you looking polished and feeling comfortable. A shirt that you can style in absolutely whatever way is YOU. A blank canvas that YOU can write on every day, no matter who you are, where you are, and what you are doing.


Designed for life, not for seasons.

[l]ife - everyday / every occasion

[L]ife - longevity

For us, it’s not about what’s trending. It’s about giving you a timeless, classic piece that can be the starting component to any outfit. It’s for any place, any time. It’s up to you to make it you. We made you a blank canvas.

Our process is focused on 4 core components:

1. Timeless style

2. Workshops, not sweatshops

3. Premium materials

4. Small batch manufacturing