A Collective, For A Reason A Collective, For A Reason

A Collective, For A Reason

By Lola Viggi

A Collective, For A Reason A Collective, For A Reason

Collective is a powerful word. Collective can be defined as:

  • Of, or shared by, every member of a group of people
  • Marked by similarity among or with the members of a group
  • A cooperative unit or organization

When we started to think about what we wanted this brand to be, we knew that what mattered most to us was planting the seed of a highly ethical business. We wanted to build a brand that made things with purpose and consciousness every step of the way. A brand that promoted the wellbeing of our makers and our customers. 

In fact, we wanted to build a collective. Something that we built together, that would positively impact every person involved.

Our makers.  Italian Collective works with small, family owned workshops in Italy to make all of our products. Unlike traditional retail, our emphasis is on slow fashion. That means that our makers are paid fairly, work in small shops, not factories, and enjoy what they do. They set their own hours, work how they choose, produce small batches, and fret the details. The outcome? High quality manufacturing, and happy humans. 

Our customers. Italian Collective believes that women shouldn't have trouble finding a timeless, white shirt that goes with everything. Over and over, we kept hearing women say, "I can't seem to find the perfect white shirt." So we set out to solve that problem. We knew there was so much power in a comfortable button down with a relaxed fit, that could be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. We wanted women to feel confident, empowered, and comfortable - with ease. So after years of finessing our first product, we released The Monday. 

We are the antithesis of fast fashion and Made in China. We can't sell our shirts for $40 because they cost $100 just to make. As Italian immigrants, we wanted to have a positive impact on our communities, in Italy and in the United States. So we set out to give our American friends the quality of a beautifully Made in Italy product, without the designer price tag.

We hope that this shirt makes you feel fresh, sophisticated, and ready for anything. We hope it gives you energy every day that you use it, and that you wear it as you go conquer the world. 

And, we hope you love that by buying it, you're supporting not one, but two ethically conscious family businesses.


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