A Shirt For Every Day A Shirt For Every Day

A Shirt For Every Day

By Lola Viggi

A Shirt For Every Day A Shirt For Every Day




At Italian Collective, we're building you a shirt for every day of the week. We launched The Monday, and will roll out The Tuesday, The Wednesday, The Thursday, The Friday...you get it.

While every shirt is different, they all share some important details. Every Italian Collective shirt is thoughtfully designed to be incredibly comfortable, worn with ease, and styled as YOU see fit. Every shirt is timeless, and durable. Every shirt is made for multiple seasons and settings. Every shirt is designed so that you can grab it out of your closet in a hurry, and look polished in seconds. That's why we say our shirts our built for life.

Three core beliefs fueled us to build this brand:

  1. WE, Women are on the rise. Women account for 50% of the labor force, and play critical roles in business, family, politics, education. We, women are making strides in challenging the status quo. We have come a long way, and we are making progress, but we still have a ways to go. We need to ask for more promotions. We need to join more boards. We need to start more companies. We need to continue to inspire each other, and to raise each other up. 
  2. WE, Women need to dress the part. How we dress, whether we're about it or not, impacts us and others. It impacts how we feel internally, how we project externally, and how others perceive us. And, consistency matters. Why? Because people like to know what they can expect from us. If you roll out of bed on Monday but glam up for Thursday because you have plans that night, these two versions of you will cancel each other out, and you won't be remembered as a consistent person. Consistency, consistency, consistency.
  3. We, Women are increasingly busy. Motherhood and full-time work? Not easy. Trying to balance your kids, your relationships, your manager, your team, your health, your home, and your hobbies? Not easy. In fact, quite difficult, and demanding. We can do it, but let's not fret the small stuff. We need to make our lives easier wherever we can, because time is precious, and it's limited.

We believe in the Collective that is womanhood. We believe that change is underway. And we believe that how we dress is important, but thinking about it for too long is not energy well spent. 

So, we are building you a shirt for every day of the week. A white canvas for you to draw on every single day, as you work to pursue your goals. Grab it, and go.



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