Do You Know How to Wash It? Do You Know How to Wash It?

Do You Know How to Wash It?

By Micaela Malingri

Do You Know How to Wash It? Do You Know How to Wash It?
Spring Cleaning 
Don't be intimidated by our uber-white chic and classy button-down shirts. They are made by 100% Egyptian cotton of the highest quality and sewn with care with small stitches. Italian Collective shirts are durable; they withstand hot water washes if needed and tumble dries if you are in a hurry or if you would like to obtain a beautiful worn-in casual look as opposed to the perfectly ironed starched shirt: your choice. Our shirts look beautiful in many different ways. 
Following a few suggestions from the "Italian Mama"!

Happy Cleaning!
Rule 1: Never Mix Whites with Colors.
 Our cotton does not shrink. However, if you choose to use lower temperatures you are prolonging the life of the fabric while saving $$ and make a savvy choice for the environment. If your shirt needs a simple wash just throw it in the washing machine with the rest of your whites. Choose warm, cool or cold water and your favorite laundry detergent.
Holly is wearing our Monday Shirt in White Muslin.
We love Dropps! Delivered on your doorsteps, is convenient and packaged without the use of plastic.
It comes in little biodegradable pods, smells good, and washes pretty well without using harsh chemicals.
Rule 2: Rub Out The Tough Stains With a White Soap Bar
Had an accident with the coffee cup? Sturdy makeup on the collar? Your cuffs had a busy day at the office? Rub all the tough stains with white bar soap and hot water before throwing the shirt in the washing machine. It takes two minutes and completely changes the outcome of your laundry.
We love Marseille soap but any white simple soap is good for the purpose
We found this good option and works very well.
Rule 3: Get Rid Of The Yellow But Be Mellow
Chlorine is very effective but is difficult to use. Too much and you will obtain the opposite effect and ruin the fabric, too little, and the only outcome will be a nasty smell. There are many whitening agents on the market. You will obtain the best results by soaking the shirt in hot water with your favorite whitening agent (Oxi Clean, White Brite, Molly's Suds, Rit, and the likes). Let it soak for a couple of hours and then pass it the laundry. Line dry in the Sun, when possible, will boost whitening.
Tumble Dry or Line Dry?
That is a tough question. Either Or!  Choose what is best for you, according to your laundry room situation and needs. Should you go for the tumble, choose the lower temperatures. As soon as it is out of the tumbler, make sure to "hand iron" it while it is still warm to obtain a wonderful worn-in look. 
Line Dry Pros and Cons:
Prolongs the life of the fabric.  Need ironing or steaming.  Needs ironing or steaming.
Takes more time to dry.  Not everyone has space.  Saves energy.
Tumble Dry Pros and Cons:
It takes very little time. Is thought on the fabric. It can be worn with no ironing.
Consumes energy and coins.  It creates a very nice relaxed look.

We shot this story in Oakland this past Fall.
Thank you, Holly, for modeling and Nina Viaggi for shooting this story! 


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