We Are Dreaming Of A Plastic Free World. We Are Dreaming Of A Plastic Free World.

We Are Dreaming Of A Plastic Free World.

By Micaela Malingri

We Are Dreaming Of A Plastic Free World. We Are Dreaming Of A Plastic Free World.
At Italian Collective, we are committed to minimizing the amount of plastic used to produce, promote, and ship our shirts. We wrap our shirts in cotton envelopes made from leftovers from productions and sewn by retired women in a small village in the heart of Italy. These fabric envelopes are the perfect tool to store your shirt or pack it for a trip.
We buy our packaging supplies from an excellent company that uses only recycled materials produced with sustainable practices. It is a baby step, but we are not alone in trying to change habits.
We all want a cleaner, safer planet; however, our goodwill clashes with our busy daily routines and our budget. Most products offered in mainstream grocery stores come in some plastic wrapping. Being sustainable is expensive and time-consuming, we think. And it is, most of the time, right. However, there are many small actions that we can do to reduce the amount of plastic that goes into our garbage bins. We would love to share with you a few ideas that we came across recently. We tested all these products, and we find them amazingly useful.

Kudos to Ecoenclose, our packaging suppliers! This company produces all sorts of packing, wrapping, bubbling, taping, enveloping, office materials with a conscience, and we love it!

So many wonderful options are available if you want to reduce plastic containers in the bathroom. Shampoo bars and conditioners, bamboo toothbrushes, toothpaste in glass jars or pills,  The options are endless: have fun out there looking for it.
We love Ethique, and our hair never looked healthier.

Order your veggies from the local farmer. It is delivered weekly on your doorstep. Do you think it is more expensive than Trader's Joe? Well, some services are. We want to suggest the Imperfect Box. The mission is honorable: sell a product that is not perfect enough to reach the shelves. You can edit your shopping, the website works very well, impeccable customer service. Everything that does not sell will be donated.
Cleaning supplies in a pill and "just add water," how cool is that? Dish Soap concentrate packed is a compostable beeswax pod. Wrap your bowls in beeswax cloth. Use compostable natural sponges. Buy dairy products in reusable glass jars or bottles. Choose glass jars or paper containers from the grocery shelves over plastic. Laundry and dishwasher soap eco-friendly and plastic-free delivered on your doorstep.
We are sure there is much more out there, keep searching! Join the movement.
Happy Earth Day!


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